Principal & President – Mr. Elton Ghee

He has been involved in the online world since the 80s. Launched a successful Washington DC area Bulletin Board Service (BBS), which would be comparable to an America Online Service (AOL) today. He is a Retired Military Officer who specialized in computers, networks, information security, & cyberwarfare. He was nominated for Who’s Who in Computers & Young Men in America. His firm, "G." Information of Alexandria Virginia, was widely known throughout the Washington DC Metro area.

He noticed the commercial Internet was getting ready to take off in 1993 and in the fall launched his Internet Consulting firm called "BNN Inc." BNN was a content provider to Online Service providers such as AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, Delphi Internet Services, etc…, and later became a full blown Internet Consulting Firm, with a new division called "New Century Technologies" for local business in the Roanoke Virginia area.

BNN garnered national recognition from the Washington Post, New York Times, CBS Evening News, & the LA Times. BNN was requested by the Discovery Channel & BET to assist them in developing their national broadcasts to introduce Americans to the Internet. BNN was also requested by the Department of Commerce to assist in getting minorities involved in the Internet & Technology. Microsoft selected BNN twice as one of the Best Internet Consulting Firms in the Country.

In Roanoke Virginia, the firm was able to bring WDBJ7, Finks Jewelers, Pinkerton Chevrolet, MKB Realtors, and many others online. Today the firm operates from Greensboro-Winston-Salem NC, Raleigh-Durham NC, Richmond VA, Roanoke VA, Washington DC, & the Great Britain.

BNN’s name was changed to "NexMillenia LLC" around 2000 to reflect it becoming a Digital Media Firm for the NexMillenia!

NexMillenia is a full service Digital Media firm providing services in Photography, Webhosting, Personalized Email, Audio & Video, Promotional Screensavers, Internet Consulting, and Targeted Marketing Services. Our average Consultant has over 30 years of Computer & Marketing experience.


Consultants of the Firm:

Mr. Ron Tackman

Mr. Bill Ward

Mr. Paul Andrews

Mr. David Walton

Ms. Karen Rich

Mr. Lut Williams

Mr. Eric Moore

Mr. Doval Watson

Mr. Semaj Rashad